The Jewish-Andalusian Heritage Route

Since 2022 Makom Sefarad leads The Jewish-Andalusian Heritage Route. The Jewish Andalusian Heritage Route (JAR) is a cultural project recognized by the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage, AEPJ, and the Council of Europe.

The JAR is a cooperation network formed by various public and private institutions as well as tourism managers, cultural innovators, community leaders and academics that wants to offer a dynamic experience of the Jewish legacy Andalusian both locals and visitors in the cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

The JAR project wants to make of Andalusia, a meeting point for the study, and for a living experience, of Jewish culture in Spain, as well as for intercultural dialogue based on the experience of the Spanish Jewish legacy and its encountering with other religions, traditions, and cultures during the Middle Ages in Sepharad and throughout the Mediterranean after the expulsion in 1492.


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