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Beit Cordoba- Your Jewish Home in Cordoba

The Beit Cordoba project wants to make the city of Cordoba, Spain, a meeting point for the study, and for a living experience, of Jewish culture in Spain, as well as for intercultural dialogue based on the experience of the Spanish Jewish legacy and its encountering with other religions, traditions and cultures during the Middle Ages in Sepharad and throughout the Mediterranean after the expulsion in 1492.

Why Cordoba? What Cordoba can teach us today?

Cordoba housed the most flourishing Jewish community of the 10th century. The peace, stability and economic and cultural splendor that facilitated the establishment of the Umayyad Caliphate in the city, as well as the network of great cultural centers to which Córdoba belonged, were the basis for the community of Córdoba to become a source of inspiration for the entire Jewish world.

The Jewish sages of Córdoba loved the Torah but understood existence and Judaism as a whole that encompassed religion, spirituality, science, poetry and literature, music, medicine and philosophy. We are sure that the great rabbis of Sepharad would not feel too far removed from those of us who today see Judaism as a civilization and a culture in dialogue with itself and with the other civilizations and cultures of the world. An integrating vision that is necessary today more than ever.

We cannot understand Judaism today without what happened in the Córdoba of Al-Andalus and Sepharad. More than ten centuries later, Cordoba has much to teach the world.

Beit Cordoba wants to be a center that  welcomes all those Jewish visitors and residents in the south of Spain.

What Beit Cordoba offers you?

  • Jewish Learning.
  • Shabat Hospitality.
  • Jewish Spirituality.
  • Interfaith Dialogue.
  • Jewish Tours to Jewish Cordoba.


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