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Are you looking to experience Spain´s Jewish past?

Spain has a very rich and diverse Jewish history. The contribution to Judaism made by the Iberian Jewish community during its Golden Age either under Muslim or Christian rulers is very significant. Jewish identity would not be as rich and diverse as it is today without the philosophy, religious poetry, literature, liturgy and science developed by Jews in Spanish Middle Ages.

Footprints from the past are still visible in beautiful medieval Synagogues, Jewish quarters, local food and handicrafts but most part of Spanish Jewish legacy is intangible and not easily identifiable. We believe that discovering Jewish heritage in Spain can be a very inspiring experience for us today. This is why we understand that offering a meaningful visit lead by a knowledgeable guide is essential part of our project.

Our tours

Jewish tour Sevilla


The Jewish Quarter
A unique experience of what once was the largest Jewish neighbourhood in Spain.

Inquisition and Conversos.

Jewish Tour Cordoba


The Golden Age of Jews in Al-Andalus
Discover how Jewish life in the heart of the Caliphate was. Cordoba has one of the best preserved medieval Jewish quarters in Europe and one of the very few remaining medieval Synagogues in Spain. Its ancient medina is the most beautiful example of Andalusian-Arabic urbanism in the Middle Ages.

jewish Quarter Cádiz


Jews and Phoenicians.
Jewish refugees in 1860's and 1940's.


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